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When burning your candle, always allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. This will prevent 'tunnelling' and allow for a consistent, even burn throughout the candle. A burning time of at least 2-3 hours is recommended but never longer than 4 hours. If  the candle is barely tunnelling after the first burn, it may just fix itself if you give the candle enough time to burn and the candle will eventually melt or “clean” all the wax off the sides. You can then recycle the jar in any way you like - for example, using it as a plant pot or as a container for smaller items. If you did wish to re-use the jar and there is still a small amount of wax left, we recommend using warm soapy water to wash out the remaining wax.

We highly recommend lighting the candle in a well-ventilated room and away from any drafts. By placing the candle in said areas may cause the candle to have an uneven burn and may cause sooting.

Before burning your candle again, we recommend trimming the wick to 1/4 inch

with wick trimmers. By doing this the flame will burn more slowly and prevent

your candle emitting back smoke, therefore giving your candle a longer life span.

Also, please make sure that the surface of wax is clear of debris, such as wick

trimmings or matches as this can cause the candle to burn faster but also the

debris may catch alight.

After extinguishing the candle flame (we recommend using a snuffer to do this)

and once cooled slightly, it is best to straighten the wick if it has slightly moved

and leaning slightly. A slanted wick may be caused by burning the candle for too


The jar may get slightly hot when the candle is being burned so please refrain from

moving it when lit or when the wax is still molten. If you have to move the candle

when lit, please take extra care. Also if you see a flame close to the wall of the jar, 

extinguish the flame right away and carefully straighten the wick. This is to prevent

the jar from getting too hot and cracking. 

For safety, please make sure you leave approximately 4mm of wax at the bottom of

the jar. 

When you aren't burning the candle, we recommend storing it in a cool dry place. As the wax we use to create the beautiful products is 100% soy, storing the candle somewhere slightly warm may cause 'sweating' on the surface of the candle, but also storing the candle in a place where its cold may cause the 'frosting' on the surface of the wax. Both sweating and frosting will not affect the overall burn of the candle however for sweating, would just recommend carefully wiping away the condensation with a paper towel before lighting the candle. We would also suggest covering the candle with the elegant bamboo lid or dust cover provided when the candle is not in use and cooled. This will protect the wax from dust, giving the candle a better burn time and scent throw.

Storing candles for too long affect the overall scent throw (both hot and cold) so we would recommend burning your candle in a reasonable time frame (even though we know you'll excited to burn the candle the moment you receive it).

A white table adorned with 30cl black candles from The Noir Candle Company, with perfectly maintained wicks and showing wick trimming.
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